Cross Docking Services

MilwaukeeWarehouse suggests using a cross-docking strategy to enhance supply chain efficiencies and eliminate or reduce your storage expenses.  Efficiencies are created as inventory maintains its velocity through the supply chain. A cross-docking operation involves transferring inventory from one truck, container, or railcar to a different mode of transportation. MilwaukeeWarehouse provides these services as part of its overall warehouse services portfolio.

Why Cross Docking Services?

Cross-docking is used to solve a variety of issues. Reasons to use cross-docking services include:

  • Product to be collected from multiple locations - Use a cross-dock operation to collect inventory from multiple sources and combine them into a single customer shipment through customized labeling and packaging.
  • Re-Arranging Trailer Freight - Milk-run or pedal-run trailers often are loaded in an incorrect sequence for unloading. MilwaukeeWarehouse can serve as your Midwest Satellite Terminal as part of your overall cross-dock strategy.
  • An expected early or late delivery - Avoid driver detention or delays. Use cross dock services to hold the inventory for a brief period to keep your driver moving and productive
  • Inventory is arriving on a container - Send your containers to a cross-dock service provider to unload the inventory and, either temporarily store or reload directly on to a truck.
  • Avoid overweight truck fines – The expense of a cross-dock service to prevent overweight fines pays for itself many times over. Use a cross-dock strategy to shift your load over the axels or lighten the load to keep you in compliance.
  • Railcar unloading – Use a cross-dock service to transfer the contents of boxcars onto a truck.

MilwaukeeWarehouse provides cross-docking services for a wide spectrum of industries.  We would love to help you develop an efficient cross-dock solution!  Contact us or Request a Quote today so we can talk through a solution tailored to your business needs.

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